In law, litigation is the practice area most commonly and traditionally related to lawyers. This, added to the fact that court proceedings are understood to be the pinnacle of the any legal relationship which has ended in conflict, means that litigation must be considered as one of the most important activities to be carried out by lawyers.

With this in mind, ABOGADOS MB. MARTIN provides an effective and efficient technical response to those issues or to the legal relationships of our clients which end in conflict.

Our firm has a clear vocation in litigation, but the tendency of our specialists in this area is to whenever possible avoid that a dispute ends in litigation, and accordingly use various means of out of court dispute resolution as effective alternatives for resolving disputes. These are highly recommendable strategies if we bear in mind the obvious costs and delays in litigation caused by the operation of the judicial system. We would also highlight that our activities are not limited to contentious litigation, but to other non-contentious forms of court proceedings, such as those connected with voluntary jurisdiction, and also to the drafting of opinions prior to the issue of proceedings aimed at evaluating the viability of a potential claim.

The philosophy behind our service to our clients requires us to carry out our work in a manner marked by the solid discipline of our experts which implies not only control over the proceedings but also the furnishing to our client of complete information on the state of the proceedings on a regular basis. In our opinion, making our client participate in this manner in the processing of the proceedings turns out to be of great benefit to it as the person primarily interested in the outcome, in acquiring a global understanding of the proceedings including the all aspects and problems thereof.

The work carried out by the litigation department of ABOGADOS MB. MARTIN furthermore requires us to continuously liaise on a continuous basis with other departments in the firm which support the procedural side, both civil and administrative, such as the departments dealing with real estate law, company law, environmental law and employment law, amongst others.

As regards legal matters facing businesses, the services offered by ABOGADOS MB. MARTIN to its clients connected with litigation are principally the following:

• Insolvency and bankruptcy
• White-collar crimes
• Summary enforcement proceedings
• Challenges to company resolutions
• Intellectual and industrial property
• Unfair competition• Contract matters, general terms and conditions of contracts, and consumer affairsAmong private law matters, our team also has substantial experience in:
• Inheritances
• Breaches of contract
• Tort actions
• Property matters
• LeasesABOGADOS MB. MARTIN regularly acts in defense of the interests of financial institutions and insurers, and in general, on behalf of businesses and institutions, whether domestic or international.