Our services include:
Full ‘Conveyancing’ Service:

There are those that will tell you that you do not need an independent lawyer to transact a property purchase in Spain. We are of the belief that it is more expensive to have to resolve legal issues than to avoid them altogether by undertaking the conveyancing correctly from the start. Take the time to read why the legal aspects of your purchase are important and make your own decision.

We shall ensure that appropriate local enquiries and searches are undertaken, investigate legal title, draft or approve contract and transfer documents, and prepare any necessary Powers of Attorney. It is important to make initial checks before payment of any contractual deposits.

We will also organise the payment of the relevant taxes and/or fees.

When we are acting on behalf of a vendor, we will draft relevant contracts and transfer documents, deliver evidence of title, discharge existing mortgages and tax liabilities and arrange completion.

Corporate ownership and Trusts:
We can advise in the use of this method for acquiring and holding Spanish properties and advise on efficient tax planning. More details of this mechanism can be found on the Corporate Ownership of Property page.
Our Network is able to arrange Spanish mortgages.