Criminal law.

Crimes against property and the socio-economical order are, from a quantitative point of view, the most significant group in criminality, representing the greatest part of all proceedings during the past year in Spain. Furthermore, the dangers of committing crimes on the web have skyrocketed due to the rate of growth in the Internet’s presence in people’s lives.

The Department of Criminal Law in ABOGADOS MB. MARTIN, aware of the need for legal protection in this area, has a team of professionals available with ample experience in all questions related to Criminal Law:

> Crimes against Property and against Socio-economic Order:

Concealment of Asset
Bankruptcy involving Criminal Negligence

> Sexual offences: sexual agression, child sex abuse (Sexual offence in the spanish criminal code)
> Corporate Crimes
> Crimes against Individual Privacy and the Right to Protection of Personal Reputation
> Computer Crimes
> Judicial Proceeding
Legal Defence before Courts throughout Spain